2016~Surprise we eloped💕Mexico

Talum, Mexico holds a special place in my heart.  It is where my memories of living this crazy lifestyle all began in 2013.  You know the year I quit my job that I loved as a stylist & moved from Greenville, South Carolina back home to Michigan where I was raised.

We talked about having our wedding at the Inn…we would get married at the top of Hickey Hill (that’s really the name of it) which is where our relationship began in 2004; and then go to the Inn to celebrate after.  I had this vision of getting married at sunset  underneath a chandelier at the top of the hill overlooking Hubbard Lake.  We spent so much time when we were young hiking and spending time together up on that hill & we still do to this day so the location seemed perfect.

But nothing sounded as amazing as just the two of us, on the beach, pledging our love for each other & vowing to be together forever.  Come to think of it our families knew so I am not really sure if it counts as eloping.

It was just the two of us… a romantic beautiful beach wedding where we hand wrote our vows to each other, untraditional, just like our life.

My favorite line from Andy’s vows

“ I vow to always stand with you, & devote myself to you in every way.  Through all the joys & difficulties we may face in our life to come, I will always be there for you & will be stronger with you by my side”

😭😭I mean!  They were so much better than mine…in mine there was a line that said…

” You knew me at 18 when I was wild and free.  You have been there to see me grow & change…change my mind, change my views, change my hair color”

The picture above is from 14 years ago & was taken on the front porch of Churchill Pointe Inn.  It was 2004, the year we packed up the Blazer & took off across the country for months exploring the countryside.  Our first big adventure together.

to my love “you keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild”

We honeymooned in Mexico & then the Keys💕

It was pure magic.

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