Pack your bags we are heading to Asia

Thank goodness my brother moved to China or I may have never had the guts to fly across the world  to see what Asia has to offer… you see I hate to fly which doesn’t bode so well with my lifestyle.  I full on go into panic attack mode at some point during every flight😩 Every year we go to Florida to visit Andy’s parents either before or after our travels so I am gaurenteed to have to take off and land at least 4 times a year.  I can handle that…only 4 panic attacks a year… I got this…😂😂

Well then we decided to go to Asia & my panic attack total was about to increase dramatically.  Getting to Shanghai from Miami and all of the Asia travel in between meant taking off  and landing a grand total of 16 times in a 2 month period🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️Anybody have a Zantax? (Side note: I have never taken a Zantax because I have anxiety about what it will do to me midflight…every year I say I am going to get a prescription & every year I don’t so needless to say I have anxiety abouting taking anxiety medication😭😭so i will just stick with alcohol😂😂)

Just so you can get to know the real me here is a little tid bit I am not entirely sure my husband knows about me… I love sitting around children on flights.  My reasoning for this is bizarre but my thoughts are this… parents would never do something that puts their child in danger so in my mind I am safe because they are on a flight with their child so it must be safe… Plus kids are a wonderful distraction from the looming thoughts that your life is going to end at any moment.  (I am not quite sure how I am going to handle flying when we have children)  My husband is fully supportive of me during my panic attacks during take off and let’s me squeeze his hand until my nerves subside or until I get that much needed glass of wine🍷Cheers

and then theres that time he did the following…

Me ~”Andy when is this flight going to end?”

Andy~”well it could end any moment”


what a sense of humor.

So we made it to Shanghai without a single panic attack in flight!  It was incredible.  I flew like a champ & I cannot put into words how beautiful Shanghai is.  It was so surreal to see Meghan & Jeff (my brother and sister in law) in China living their life.  We were going to China two different times during our Asia trip so the first part of our time there was spent being super tourists!  I accidentally deleted almost every single picture from our first time there so I leave you with one of my favorite pictures of my love & I💕💕Cue the Romantic music.

The Bund

After having an amazing China part 1 trip we were off to Thailand.  Thank goodness my sis warned me about Air-Asia flights or I would have had a full blown, call a doctor panic attack before we left the gate.  If you have not flown in Asia let me give you a quick rundown.  The best way to explain it is this… you know when the flight attendant tells you to take your seat & prepare for takeoff & well you listen…no really…you take your seat, turn your phone on airplane mode  & get comfy for the flight ahead…well not when your flying air Asia.  People were walking about the cabin during takeoff like it was no big thang💁💁And taxi’ing on the run way…well you should definitely stay buckled until the air plane comes to a complete stop because it is necessary when you are going 90 MPH taxi’ing to your gate before you come to a screeching stop right before smashing into the aside of the airport😂😂I may be being a bit dramatic but I swear these are my real life experiences flying Air-Asia.

Raliegh Beach, Thailand

Thailand’s beauty cannot be put into words…& full on Spa days are around $20.00 so really it is less expensive to fly to Thailand for a weeks worth of spa treatments than to get a years worth of spa treatments stateside…or at least that is how I will rationalize my next spa week in Thailand to Andy😂😂Kidding(or am I)🙌🙌

Thailand was amazing…until next time💕💕We hopped on a plane & were headed back to Shanghai for more big city adventures!

Jeffrey & Meghan (my bro and sis in law) are so much fun to be around & the best hosts!  They showed us everything Shanghai had to offer!  We ate delicious Chinese food from different regions.  We ate hot pot…went up to the top of the second  highest building in the world (my knees shook) went on a river cruise, rode the subway, went to market ( I was not a master negotiator like my sis, you want her with you to negotiate a good deal) we ate, we drank, & we were merry!  I had a blazer made at the fabric market (what a cool day).  We had an authentic Chinese tea experience.  We walked our way through the city by day & drank in the skyline by night!  Shanghai is amazing.  The most amazing city I have ever been to.  We sang kareoke in our own private room!  (It was amazing.  I felt like a real life rock star without the talent) We did all of the things & I cannot thank Jeff & Meghan enough for taking us around the city & showing us their life.


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