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Backpacking our way through Ecuador 2015

Alpena, Michigan to Quito, Ecuador 2015

Ecuador…returning to Ecuador seemed like the right thing to do.  You see my husband has been living the dream much longer than I have…he spent the winter of 2007-2008 their.  Ecuador is where he got into a terrible biking accident & had to have his face reconstructed🤕…he healed…& is just as gorgeous now as he’s always been.  You would never know looking at him that he had 30 plus stitches in his face….unless you look really closely at the right side.  A few scars do remain as a reminder that you can in fact forget how to ride a bike😂😂I kid, I kid…now…but back then it was not a laughing matter…..So we just had to return to see the exact spot that my sweet husbands DNA is embedded in some rock wall forever in Bano’s, Ecuador.  Of course we had to do the same extreme bike ride that didn’t end so well the first time for him but I am happy to report we made it down the mountain unscathed & have some insane memories to look back on.  We back packed our way through Ecuador & met some amazing people along the way.  We started in Quito the capital explored for a few days before moving on to Latacunga…our mission was to see Cotopaxi which is an active volcanoe in the Andes Mountains.  Look close below…in the midst of the fog is where she is.  We rode horses along the country side to get a better view.  It was magical.

we made our way through the Ande’s mountains to Bano’s, got massages, went biking along the steep  mountain side..hiked & celebrated Easter week.  We packed our bags & were off to find the ocean.  We stayed in the city of Guayaquil to break up the trip before making our way to Olon.  We spent Easter beachside & each beach day was just as magical as the next.

(Man he’s so handsome…I am so lucky he is mine💕). We stayed in Olon for a while before we packed up & headed up the coast to Montanita where we saw the most beautiful sunsets

Living the dream in 2015.  This saying becomes my mantra year after year💕

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