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Cozy Cottage Dining Room

Andy (my husband) does all of the things…I just come in at the very end & make them pretty.  He built our dining room table from wood that was left over from horse stalls for his families horses when he was a kid. How cool that every time he sits down at the table he can be whisked away in memory back to his riding days.  At least that’s what I picture when he sits down at the table. Pure nostalgia getting lost in the childhood memories at the horse farm he grew up on.

You know the saying “they just don’t make it like they used to” well they certainly don’t.  Our home is a mixture of new and old and upcycled.  It gives me the character I crave & doesn’t break the bank!  For the most part you can find old furniture for free or at very reasonable prices.  I love a good thrift store!(or a really bad one!  That’s usually where all the magical pieces are)  and I love a good project!  Our dining room hutch & buffet table were Andy’s grandmothers!  It is so special to me that every time I look at them I think of her!  I also love that every ding & scratch brings a little bit more beauty & character to each piece of furniture.   I guess in a world of social media & filters where everyone is trying their darndest to be perfect or look perfect, I choose to celebrate the flaws and unique beauty in each individual whether it be human or hardwood💕Give me all the chippy misfits🙌

And on a “let’s get real” note…why don’t they tell you growing up that keeping a clean house is like having a second full time job…I mean the chores just never end. (mom can I move back in😂)

So there you have it.  Our quaint cozy cottage dining room.  Where we host the ones we love and make the most wonderful memories!  Cheers to making the old new again one brush stroke at a time🥂🥂


Ashley Olsen

My life is full of travel, DIY’s, & running a seasonal business with my husband...all with a full face of makeup & freshly dry shampoo’d hair💕

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