Get Out there Gorgeous

Way back  when (in 2005) I went to an Aveda Institute and got my cosmetology degree!  I worked for Aveda for many years as a stylist & as an educator.  Getting out of the industry in 2014 to run a family business with my husband was a tough decision for me.  I am creative by nature & LOVE the beauty industry & LOVED my job.  I got to go to work everyday and make women feel beautiful.  

The beauty industry means more to me than the beauty that is created on the outside.  It’s the beauty that is created on the inside.

In February 2017 Andy & I were traveling throughout Asia & I had an opportunity to get back into the business that I love through a new company; Maskcara Beauty.  I spent those months traveling making sure I LOVED the product before I committed to putting my name on it.

I cannot put into words what this company has done for me.  It has given me a sisterhood that I didn’t even know I needed.   It has given me a product that I love & has helped form me into my best self.  It has surrounded me with positive & inspirational boss babes from all around the nation.  It got me back into the industry that I realized I cannot live without & has helped grow my confidence in ways I cannot even explain.  It has challenged me.  This company gave me back a little piece of me I was missing.  I now share my passion for makeup, my favorite products, hair tips & tricks & everything beauty related.  I created a private Facebook beauty group Blush, Bubbly & Birch.  It gives me the ability to share my professional opinion & tips  & tricks I have learned being in the industry.  I also share hair tutorials & any & everything relating to beauty.  I am the guinee pig who will try all the things & review them for you!

Even if not a single person reads my blog (other than Andy💕I can always count on that hansom man for support💕) looks at my beauty group or likes my home style, it is still a success.  It is a reflection of me & I am proud of who I am.  I firmly believe in lifting others up and being a positive force in the world in every single aspect of my life.  I lead by example as best I can in everything I do.  I am here to celebrate others successes & be an encouraging  force when things don’t go as planned.  I am hopeful others will be positively impacted or inspired of course but mostly I want to challenge myself in all aspects of my life & live inspired.

I want to inspire & be inspired.  I want to take this life I was given & do great things.

I want to take ordinary everyday  life & turn it into extraordinary memories.

So there you have it.  Get out there gorgeous💕💕

This picture was taken after a day of playing with elephants in Thailand!  It was when I first started using this makeup & I was so excited with how well it stayed & how poppin my Illuminator was after hours & hours in 103 degree heat🙌

Maskcara Beauty has changed the way I do my makeup!  Check it out here if you are looking to try something new

Ashley Olsen

My life is full of travel, DIY’s, & running a seasonal business with my husband...all with a full face of makeup & freshly dry shampoo’d hair💕