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Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in our little cottage home!  It is certainly a reflection of me.  It has everything I love in a room!  A beautiful light fixture, a barn door, an edgy accent wall & I share this space every night with my love so I would say this space right here constitutes my saying “living the dream”  💕💕

That’s the great thing about this thing we call life.  You can do anything, be anything, reinvent yourself, change careers, change your hobby, hop on a plane & change your location.  Life can be anything you want it to be, you just have to want something bad enough to make a change.

Below is our sanctuary!  And one golden pup (his name is Sampson & we are just babysitting him for a few years while his parents are living in China)  

The brick wall was an easy DIY!  It came in sheets from Home Depot.  The sheets were easy to put up with liquid nails and an air gun.  When I say easy I mean easy for me because Andy did all of the heavy lifting💕 We caulked the seems and then I used Rustoleum chalk paint & a Foam brush and lightly painted each brick by hand!  I started off very light and left a lot of the red exposed.  I left it that way for a little while to make sure I wanted to go with a mostly white wall!    

I did love the way the bricks looked with more red showing through but ultimately chose to go with an almost white wall! 

Let me know if you have any questions about doing a faux brick accent wall💕💕

Ashley Olsen

My life is full of travel, DIY’s, & running a seasonal business with my husband...all with a full face of makeup & freshly dry shampoo’d hair💕

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