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Christmas Decor

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I change my theme and decor every year!  It’s a way for me to be super creative and create something fun and new.

This year I went with a blush and ice theme!  Truthfully I didn’t want to buy another pillow for our home (can anyone relate?…I purged around 50 pillows last spring and didn’t want the habit to creep back) so I designed Christmas around the couch pillows which are a nice icy blue.  I had envisioned that color throughout our tree but once I started decorating it…blush won😂😂I change up my theme every year I am always doing budget friendly DIY’s so I don’t spend thousands on decor…you know how that number can creep on you when out shopping for decor…I also make sure what I purchase can transition to winter decor  so it has more than one purpose in our home!  I set up banquet tables in the garage and get out all of my decor.  This way I can see what will make the cut, what I can spray paint to my color of the year, and what items need to be put away and stores until next year.  It makes it so much easier when all of the Christmas bins are emptied on tables so you can do an inventory and see everything you have.  I spray painted so much of my decor a mauve color to match my theme…I’m sure those pieces will have 20 coats of spray paint on them by the time I’m done😂why not repurpose what you have!  This year I painted a stool, shutter, candle sticks, picture frames, pretty much anything I could find in my decor that I could paint the color I wanted.

My Christmas tree thought process went a little like this…I knew I wanted to put tassels on the tree and instead of buying them (umm no thankyou at &6.00 a pop) I made them!  It was the easiest $5.00 I ever spent and was able to make 70 blush tassels for our tree!  All you need is yarn, a piece of cardboard to wrap the yarn around, and some good scissors!

I used faux flowers just like I did last year.  We get a real tree every year and it always just needs a little something extra.  The faux flowers seem to do the trick.

Add some Christmas bulbs and voila!  I always bunch my smaller ornaments in twos and threes to make a bigger impact on the tree!

Even though I change my color every year I NEVER get rid of Christmas Decor.  I never know when the color I used previous years will inspire me in some way and I’ve already spent the money so why not just increase my Christmas decor collection!

My goal for the dining room was to scream whimsy and I think I nailed it…at least I feel whimsical when I’m in here having a meal!  I used faux flowers in the vases on the table and put together a vignette above the hutch…the best advice I can give is to layer.  I placed a mirror on the hutch to be the base of the vignette and then neutral decor that I’ve always had to finish it off.  The ceiling is so tall where the hutch is it really does need some height at the top to look finished…something short would not look good there with the vaulted ceiling!  Keep that in mind when decorating on top of furniture.


For the most part I try to buy neutral wreaths so they can be used tear after year.  Pretty much all of my greenery is plain or white so I can add an inexpensive bow or faux flower and call it a day.  

The fireplace area is new this year and I had so much fun decorating it.  My husband built the fireplace (I’m working on a blog post about that project) it turned out amazing!

Here are more pictures of the living room decor..I’m still working on the kitchen…

One of the best tips I can give to you is if you LOVE it…it’s amazing…you have to live there after all.  My decorating style isn’t for everyone but not everyone has to live here ya know!  Get creative, layer layer layer, and have fun!!

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